Our application is used by 1000+ healthcare facilities and doctors

Our communication application with healthcare professionals is used daily by numerous institutions, health centers, clinics, and hospitals

Advanced communication system with doctors

Efficient exchange of opinions, prescription of therapies, consultations, and quick access to
medical protocols, permits, medical certificates, and referrals



your healthcare experience


We respect your privacy

and the trust you place in us


Simple and secure

medication ordering process


We provide care for your health

in an easy and accessible way


All about sDoktor.

The innovative platform for your health improves the way you receive medical care. Now you have the opportunity to leverage the benefits of technology to enhance your experience and take care of your health. Our user-friendly platform provides you with all the necessary tools for better understanding and faster access to your medications and medical documentation. The key advantage of using the sDoctor application is the significant acceleration of communication with your physicians. This means you will get the necessary information, medications, and important medical documentation such as referrals, test results, and medical certificates more quickly. Instead of wasting time waiting for someone to answer the phone at the doctor's office, you can now focus your time on yourself and actively work on improving your health.

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Modern and innovative application for doctor-patient communication

Experience advanced technology with the Sdoktor application for easy communication with doctors. Connect with doctors in a contemporary way and leverage the benefits of the Sdoktor application for advanced and secure communication

  • Ease of communication with doctors

    Simplify your life with an intuitive application for easy connectivity with doctors and healthcare institutions

  • Personalized healthcare in your hands

    Enhance your health with advanced tools for exchanging opinions, accessing medical protocols, and obtaining referrals

  • Safety and trust come first

    Ensure privacy and reliability with a secure process for prescribing medication, consulting with doctors, and quickly obtaining medical certificates and referrals

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How to use the application - 3 simple steps

  • Download

    and install the application

    The first step is to download and install the sDoktor application on your mobile device. You can find it in the app store for your operating system.


  • Register

    and create an account

    After you have installed the application, open it and click on the registration button. Enter the requested information such as your name, email adress, and password to create account.


  • Explore available features

    and use the application

    After successfully registering, you will access the application interface. Follow the instructions and utilize the various functionalities that are available zo you according to your needs.



Simple interface and intuitive navigation

Comfort and convenience in use, easy-to-use for
an optimal experience, clear steps, intuitive navigation, quick access to information for maximum efficiency and user satisfaction.

Freely available for download! In all stores.

Click and download our app for free:


Discover sDoktor

Get a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the application, from its features and usage instructions to specific examples that can inspire you and help you understand its potential.

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